Barnes collective is a space reserved for contemporary art. An acclaimed artist herself, Natasha Barnes brings 25 years’ experience to the gallery trade having formed part of numerous fine art International fairs and exhibitions.

The transition into art dealer was shared by gallery owner and art consultant, Soo Turner, who together with Natasha represented many top international artists through Turner Barnes Gallery worldwide for more than a decade.

Barnes Collective is a new narrative with the continuation of artist representation providing a strong platform for South African contemporary art.

Artists in the collective

Wilna Strydom

Wilna Strydom is an award-winning South African Ceramist who prefers to work in Clay.

Her work has a whimsical element to it, while she bases her pieces on natural movement, allowing for the ebb and flow of nature play into her compositions.

Her creations take weeks from conception to completion -each design is carefully composed, sculptured and fired before the final assembly takes place. The actual installation of the work is part of the process. No two are ever alike.

The very abstract nature of this process allows interaction with each piece on a personal level.

Wilna is a highly sought-after artist in her native South Africa and her work is found in private and corporate collections all over the world.

Deirdre Botha

Born 1970 Bloemfontein

Deirdre Botha uses clay as a medium to transcend serious social commentary and deliver beautiful whimsical art with a strong narrative that is both pleasing and informative.

Her current series of colourful whales brings to light the very real issue mankind needs to acknowledge. Saving the space these beautiful creatures need to thrive.

Deirdre is well known throughout South Africa for her ceramic interpretation – her work reflects her playful mind and curiosity to constantly explore her medium. Equally at home as a painter in oil or acrylic, Deirdre finds her creativity best met when she sticks to her first love, ceramics.

Her pieces are highly collectable, and these sculptures deliver more than just pleasure. The playful message lingers as we watch the space these beautiful mammals occupy.

Sharon Erichsen

Born 1974

Sharon Erichsen’s ceramic forms are inspired by her African surroundings. She is fascinated by shadows, pattern and structure; elements which are translated into linear marks, perforations and cut out shapes in many related forms. She believes that as we interact with our environment, so too do ceramic structures.

The ever-changing interplay between form and light is mesmerizing. Sharon constantly explores this concept with each series even further, particularly using the translucency of porcelain as an additional dimension in the play of light.

Her Golden Tree Series and Blue inspired road trip series are testimony to her strong links to the fluid beauty of nature of clay.

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