"Then I knew this place for the first time"

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Most of the work shown here has already been sold, but you can place an enquiry if you like a particular style, or painting, by referring to the reference number displayed, and I will then contact you to discuss your options.

Use the online form on the right of the screen, which can be seen throughout the portfolio section, to send a message relating to a particular painting. If you are looking for a custom painting to suite your particular needs you can use this form or the contact page to contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


"some days, painting must be an experience, a pure escape, into the world of nothing.........almost like a race, everything given with only a medal to remind you of how you got there in the first place" Natasha Barnes

Ref: AB071

King of proteas

Ref: AB072

Golden dahlia

Ref: AB073

Pin cushion Protea

Ref: C0003

Blue flower and Vase I

Ref: C0004

Blue flower and vase II

Ref: C0005

chinese red aubergine

Ref: C0006

Chinese red flower a

Ref: C0007

Chinese red Plum

Ref: C0008

Chinese red Scarlet

Ref: C0013

Five tulips II

Ref: C0014

Flowers at Dusk

Ref: C0019

Spring flower II

Ref: C0020

Three Flowers

Ref: C0022

Tulip and Circle I

Ref: C0023

Tulip and Circle II

Ref: C0025

Wild Garden I

Ref: C0026

Wild Garden II

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