"today my absence is not as silent as now present... Afford my painting permission to speak"

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Most of the work shown here has already been sold, but you can place an enquiry if you like a particular style, or painting, by referring to the reference number displayed, and I will then contact you to discuss your options.

Use the online form on the right of the screen, which can be seen throughout the portfolio section, to send a message relating to a particular painting. If you are looking for a custom painting to suite your particular needs you can use this form or the contact page to contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


"Every brushstroke is a journey. Sometimes we get lost. If we didn’t, the end would always be the same." Natasha Barnes

Ref: AB003

Red River Runs

Ref: AB002

Abstraction I

Ref: AB001

Resin Puzzle blocks

Ref: AB101

Beyond Chance

Ref: AB102

Out of the Blue

Ref: AB103

We never really know

Ref: AB104

Give me a chance

Ref: AB105

Lightning does not strike twice

Ref: AB106

Could it be real

Ref: AB107

What took you so long

Ref: AB007

Age of Aquarius I

Ref: AB008

Age of Aquarius II

Ref: AB009

Almond Green 1

Ref: AB010

Almond Green 2

Ref: AB016

Circular Abstract I

Ref: AB017

Circular Abstract II

Ref: AB027

Abstraction II

Ref: AB028

Abstraction IV

Ref: AB035

Ocean Breeze I

Ref: AB036

Ocean Breeze II

Ref: AB044

Purple wonder

Ref: AB045

Silver moon landing

Ref: AB046


Ref: AB047

Spring Awakening

Ref: AB048

The mustard Seed

Ref: AB051

Abstract impression

Ref: AB061

Like a popy field

Ref: AB062

Seven Years of Panorama

Ref: AB067

As good as gold

Ref: AB075

Amber City Walls

Ref: AB324

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