"today my absence is not as silent as now present... Afford my painting permission to speak"

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Natasha Barnes

Somebody once asked me, “Did you find art or did art find you”?

It found me!  However, I knew from a very early age that it was coming. I was raised on a farm  in Southern Africa and I’ve always had a  love for the African bush. The simple rural life brought many inspirations to me as a young girl and somehow I knew that I would spend my life painting.  I also understood that this calling would not need to be studied but  would simply, and quite naturally fall into place.

Apart from a few art lessons that I had as a child, I’ve had no formal art training. After completing school, I studied Cordon Bleu cookery at the prestigious Silwood Kitchens in Cape Town, and went on to work as cookery editor and food stylist for a leading South African Magazine. I am equally at home in the art of sugar craft and floral art and have produced many fine wedding cakes and floral arrangements. I owned a cookery school for 5 years where I taught cookery to disadvantaged communities and prisoners, but my love for the brush and canvas finally led to the decision to give up everything and paint professionally.

Today, I am considered to be one of Africa’s most published artists. My work can be found in private and corporate collections world-wide. I take time to travel  extensively, both to promote my art and to experience the wonders of this vast and wonderful world....where every little bit comes together and eventually finds its way to my canvas...........my life, and my home in Africa.

I never asked for this, all I ever wanted to be was a  flight attendant, so I guess you can say Art found me!!



Did you know that Natasha is one of Africa’s most published artists?

She is published under the pseudonyms 'Sage Valentine', 'Moira Scott' and 'Valentine' as well.


My Spirit

What is a poem if not a song
of life and hope and
seasons gone
How fair it seems to ask of you
what is art
what is true
But what of this,
I hate to say,
they call it art
leaves me restless
only questions fill my mind
No peace
No time
No company
Only my hand by which
I have decided.

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