"today my absence is not as silent as now present... Afford my painting permission to speak"

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Natasha Barnes, abstract artist… published all over the world Natasha has been working on much larger expressive pieces of abstract art in recent years. After a successful solo show in London in 2010 and sell out collections at the Affordable Art fairs in London and New York, Natasha’s unique use of colour and texture is fast becoming a sought after style of art to have hanging in the home.  Her name is whispered in the galleries of London, Paris and New York and she currently holds the title of South Africa’s most published artist. You will find her reproductions in John Lewis, Selfridges and Hallmark and you won’t be surprised to come across an original costing anything between two and six thousand pounds.

Her paintings generate such extraordinary emotions from simply looking at them. Being completely abstract, they look like nothing but boards splattered with paint. But take a minute, stand, look, and imagine, and out comes a whole world you never saw before. Barnes truly does capture the essence of one’s imagination and that, is art. Press release for Turner Barnes Gallery, by Gallery Owner Soo Turner



"Yo Natasha! OUTSTANDING!!! Love the work. Incredible balance in all formal components of great paintings. Love the decision making that went into your pieces. Love the color, balance, drawing, field mastery. Well done. I encourage everyone to take a look at these beauties. I went to www.natashabarnes.com . Thanks for sharing!" Craig Snodgrass

"An exciting artist from South Africa, Natasha Barnes combines, for me, the best aspects of both the frenzied and the studied abstracts. Her works, with their dynamism and solid construction, fascinate me" Patrick Donohue, art critic, Canada

“Hi Natasha,The show was a good experience and a pleasant time for me too, especially having the chance to meet people like you. Natasha, the fact that you sold your very good abstract work somehow gives me the hope that there are still people who understand and appreciate it. I wish you all the best” Iosif, Romania, artist.

“I am very proud to have such a wonderful friend like you who is beautiful, talented, honest, open minded, intellegent, humble and above all a kind person. What else I can ask for. God bless you” Anand, Dubai, artist

"Hi Natasha, This the beautiful news the take message from you. You know what happen after days when I meet you I can't sleep I am so exiting try something sand with acrylic like your work and your style really I enjoy your work to watch. Anyway I tried but I couldn’t make it like yours good and strong I think every human’s character different than another.” Mustafa. Turkey, Artist

“Making a living at being an artist is success in itself Natasha “ Goggio, USA, Artist

“Dear Natasha, was glad to hear your art in NY really am surprised with your magnificent art, is an inspiration and also your person, I took a pleasant impression yours. I hope that your paintings are always the sum of your experience and inspiration and succeed as always beautiful works to date. We send many greetings from Mexico. “ Mexico, Artist

"Your enjoyment of the commission really shows...they are superb pieces. Thank you. Keep up the great work and we will develop a really good following for you in Aussie!!." Trevor Victor Harvey, Australia

"Having said that, I liked your last florals a lot and I think you're a superior artist in every department so, given that you're ahead of us on the colour issue, I'd love to see your very own take on the theme." Roger Watt, Bentely Publishing consultant, Canada

"I just wanted to write back to thank you so much, Your art is just beautiful. I am drawn to the bright happy colorful floral contemporary ones, but each style is lovely. You are very talented." Jennifer, USA

"Hi Natasha

Dr Venter is both thrilled and delighted with your work for our new boardroom and asked me to thank you most sincerely for doing such outstanding pieces!!! He was so sorry he could not thank you in person yesterday, but was involved in highly pressurized meetings all day. In fact, we only viewed the boardroom at 19h30 last evening! Dr said that the artwork made a huge impression on one as you entered the boardroom and fitted in perfectly with the abstract, contemporary look we are trying to achieve for our building.

May I in turn thank you Natasha for being so co-operative and pleasant to work with on this assignment and for also taking time out of your busy schedule to personally come up and supervise the hanging of your lovely paintings. God has blessed you with an amazing talent which I am pleased to note is being recognized internationally.
We wish you well for the future.

With kindest regards and warm appreciation, "

Grant Rogerson

Altron Group Executive: Corporate Relations, Office of the Chairman, ALTRON Group

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Feedback & Testimonials

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